• The demand of true leadership in the world has never been greater and more tangible.
  • The persistence of inequality between men and women remains a key point of discussion.
  • Women are often talking about women empowerment but what does empowerment look like in our lives and careers?
  • To achieve our full potential and nations , and to promote a balance of power in leadership we need to strategic interventions that seek to include women more deliberately, more purposefully and more strategically.
  • Women are relentlessly desiring to increase and improve their social , economic and political participation and to ensure equal rights and opportunities.
  • Women want to confidently take and a seat at the table and if not, pull up a chair


  • Our aim is to spark conversation, advocacy and action towards shifting the balance of power to the top and is a platform towards bringing more women in key leadership and operational roles across the C–Suite, organisations, governments and markets.
  • Our vision is to make room for women at the table by driving the acceleration of women leaders in position of power and influence and to co-create a new culture of power and influence that is inclusive and drives meaningful participation of women in the development of thriving communities, strong female economy and a great nation.
  • Taking the lead and making the shift starts with re-imagining the vocabulary of power, leadership and opportunities.


  • To increase the number of women in senior leadership and operating roles in the C-Suite
  • Exchange of best practices, knowledge and expertise
  • Break the cycle of underrepresentation and accelerate gender equity
  • Establish mentorship and sponsorship programmes
  • Promote entrepreneurship
  • Create a network for collaboration, communication and connectivity